Maximise Your Profits & Minimise Risk

since 1991, we've built our property management department by providing Peace of Mind to the landlords we serve. Property investment isn't about shortcuts and making a quick buck, it's a long term strategy to secure your financial future. At Propcare One Real Estate, we always take a long term qualitative approach to property management to ensure we are maximising your profits while protecting your property assets so you can sit back and relax.

Here's what peace of mind looks like with Propcare One real estate.

Maximise your Rental Income

We review your property's rent prior to each lease renewal so you get the maximum rent possible. We also make sure that notice periods for rent increases are in compliance with RTA regulations.

We test the market for higher rents without putting your property at risk of vacancy.

We use our work-flows to make sure your property isn't vacant for weeks if your tenant decides to move out. In fact, our average vacancy rate between tenancies is generally 1-3 days

Our average tenancy is 2.3 years so you pay fewer letting fees & advertising charges

We advertise to maximise exposure & find the right tenant fast

Protect your Property to Minimise Risk & Loss

Prevention is cheaper than cure: As part of our routine inspection process, we advise our landlords of recommended repairs to prolong the life and value of the property and to minimise the chance of more expensive repairs in the future.

We accompany prospective tenants to view your property. We don't hand out keys to strangers who could copy keys, and later vandalise or steal from you, after all our job is to protect your investment.

Optimised Tenant Selection:

  • We know that finding a quality tenant means more money for you.
  • We know picking the wrong tenant can be expensive and can result in physical damage to your property and extended periods of lost rent.
  • We don't accept applications unless we've met the prospective tenant. Our refined in-person screening, developed over 25 years, gives us the edge when assessing character and making a good match for your property.
  • Tenant screenings through TICA help ensure you're only getting the best tenants in your property.
  • Our screenings dig deeper through reference checks with prior landlords, agents and employers.
  • We verify ID with state licensing authorities (eg: QLD Transport) to make sure they're real.
  • We confirm foreign visa status with the Federal Government to make sure foreign tenants are eligible to stay for their whole lease period.
  • We treat tenants with the respect they deserve as a paying customer. We know happy tenants are more likely to pay rent on time and are less likely to damage properties and that translates to higher profits for you. See our testimonials section to see what our tenants say about us.