M. T&L Gregoriou JBuyers, Landlords for 20 years & Happy Sellers

Propcare Real Estate found us our investment property and has managed it ever since. This was to be our nest egg for retirement. Over a 20 year period, we received hundreds of phone calls and scores of letters from various agents wanting our business. We were happy with Propcare and we were not going to change. Propcare ensured we got the best returns on our investment and kept our vacancy rate at less than 1%.

Recently, Propcare sold our property in a few weeks for a record price. A real fairy tale story!

Thank you Propcare!

Luke D JLandlord, Burleigh

I've been with Propcare One for a while now and have had nothing but a good experience. Before renting out my property I was unsure about a few things and had a bunch of questions - both Daniel and Doreen were very patient and gave great guidance on areas I had little knowledge on.

Didn’t have any trouble securing good tenants quickly. However, what I liked most is the thorough checking they did. We could have gotten some tenants in sooner but Propcare did their checks and found they weren’t suitable. I'd like to feel we dodged a bullet or two here - I'll gladly wait a few extra days for a good tenant than have a bad tenant for a year! Obviously, I relied heavily on Propcare to know what to look out for and screen applications – not something I’m particularly skilled in!

I've had a couple of maintenance issues come up. Once again, Propcare were on it right away and had it sorted it out within 24 hours.

Personally, the main thing I wanted was to be hands off and have professionals take care of my property/tenants - and that’s what Propcare have done. From the first call I’ve had no stress and haven’t had to worry much at all really. They take care of everything, get in touch when necessary and I focus on other areas of my life.

Tenants are happy. I’m happy. Cannot recommend Propcare enough.